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Jul. 31st, 2010


 He offers her the chance to stay with him, to travel around the stars in his magical machine.  But she shakes her head.

 “No, Doctor.  Maybe one day.  But there are things I have to do here.  I need to finish my training before I can think about doing anything else – you can’t have a half-trained archaeologist bouncing around the universe, I’d cause seven sorts of chaos.”  He smiles at her words and she escorts him back to the TARDIS.

 “Thank you River.  Thank you for everything.”  He pulls her into a hug and she laughs. 

 “Careful now Doctor or I’ll get the wrong idea.”  She winks.  “After all, the relics of ancient races are my speciality.” 

 “Now River, none of that.  Not until you’re older.” 

 River kisses him lightly and he accepts the benedictory gesture.  Maybe someday, she thinks, she’ll push him to more.  But he’s still too broken for anything like that yet.

 “Where will you go now?”

 He shrugs, and she watches his gaze slip from her face to stare into the distance of space.

 “I don’t know.  Onwards, I suppose. Keep on running from everything.”

 “But not as much as before, I hope.”  He returns her sad smile, and it’s all the answer she needs.

 Goodbye River.” 

 “Goodbye Doctor.  Until next time!” 

 She’s just turning to leave when a thought strikes her, and she finishes the turn to face him again.

 “Doctor, one thing before I go.  Amy and Rory, the sickeningly sweet couple who died too soon…you never told me – what happened the day it rained?” 

 The Doctor’s eyes take on a faraway look.

 “Oh” he says, “That day.  I heard about it when we met Tommy Angel, when Rory tried to get him to call them the Amelia Falls.”  He smiles at the memory.  “Amy told me the story.”

It Rained That Day Part Sixteen - It Rained That Day


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Aug. 1st, 2010 08:02 am (UTC)
“Careful now Doctor or I’ll get the wrong idea.” She winks. “After all, the relics of ancient races are my speciality.”


Aug. 6th, 2010 03:08 am (UTC)
“Now River, none of that. Not until you’re older.”
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