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Title: The Saga of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, Being a Tale in Sixteen Parts
Rating: PG+
Pairing(s): Amy/Rory, possibly implied Doctor/River
Warnings/Spoilers: Character death in the later parts and some mild sexual references/end of series 5
Summary: The first time River Song ever meets the Doctor, he's heartbroken, badly in need of repair.  So to fix him, she gets him to tell her the story of Amy and Rory.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all its characters belong to the BBC
and I make no profit from this work
A/N: This was the fic that ate my life. I've spent a month writing this flipping thing and I've laughed and cried over it and can't believe I'm actually at a point where I can post it.  It was prompted by the image below over at she_is_to_me.  The way it works is like this - for each of the sixteen icons there is a story.  It's designed to be read chronologically from start to finish, but if you want you pick and choose.  They should
be readable independently, though you may need to ignore the parts with River, which are in italics.  If you just want the fluff and none of the woe, then just stop reading after 'Love Doesn't Always Feel Like This'.  Although I do think you should read 'It Rained That Day' as well. I can only apologise for the ridiculous length of this thing - at 25 000 words this is the longest fic I've ever written.  Apparently when it comes to Amy and Rory I can just keep writing endless amounts of fluffy crap!

Master List:
1. This Is A Fire
2. I Can See Through You
3. I Love This Sofa
4. We Fell In Love Here.  They Tore It Down
5. I Took This On A Tuesday Afternoon
6. Sweet Ride
7. I Took This In Paris
8. I Have A Lot Of Clothes
9. I Had A Nightmare Here
10. I Can Still Hear The Waves
11. I Took This In Marfa, TX.
12. Love Doesn't Always Feel Like This 
13. In The End They Died 
14. I Took A Deep Breath And Let It Go
15. Where Will He Go Now?
16. It Rained That Day


The PrologueCollapse )

Position and Positioning

Title: Position and Positioning
Rating: PG+
Pairing(s): Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot, Arthur/Gwen
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Prompt: drabbles100 prompt 23 - "Lovers"
Summary: "They lie on the soft mattress in his chambers..."
Disclaimer: Merlin is the property of the
BBC and Shine and I make no profit from this work
A/N: It is very possible this only makes sense if you know the pairings. Ambiguity rules okay!

They lie on the soft mattress in his chambers, lips on fire, flesh burning with the heat of desire. They whisper words of love, yell curses of both pain and passion and then slump into an embrace, sweat-slicked and laughing.


Time passes. Arthur ascends to the throne, takes on the responsibilities he has awaited since birth and never appreciated.


They lie on the soft mattress in his chambers, still and silent. This is more awkward than either of them could have imagined. They think of their lovers – so close, so unreachable – and turn away to face the walls

Whispers in Court; Destiny; Injustice

So it's been over a month since I posted anything, which I promise was not my intention but real life descended like a tonne of bricks and sadly that took priority. But I have returned and dammit I am going to finish this drabble challenge!

Whispers in Court - Arthur/MerlinCollapse )

Destiny - Arthur/MerlinCollapse )
Injustice - GenCollapse )